LAV-25 Gulf War Anniversary 1/35 scale skill 3 Italeri plastic model kit#6539

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Italeri plastic scale model #6539
1/35 LAV-25

Standout scout

With a resilient armor package and the same, quick-firing 25mm chain gun used on the M2 Bradley, the LAV-25 is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Its 8x8 suspension makes it highly mobile and 62mph top speed allows it to outpace a majority of armored fighting vehicles. From Panama to Iraq for the Gulf War, to Afghanistan, and back to Iraq for round 2, the LAV-25 has been with US troops all the way. Kit features two decal sets for US Marine Corps vehicles in the Gulf War.

Skill: 3
Scale: 1:35
Model Length: 182 mm
Number of Parts: 207
Assembly, paint, glue required

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