IM-99 Bomarc Ground-to-air Guided Missile 1/56 scale skill 4 Revell kit#1806

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Revell AG/Germany plastic scale model kit #85-1806
1/56 IM-99 Bomarc Ground-to-air Guided Missile

Skill Level: 4
Length: 7-9/16"
Width: 4-5/16"
Height: 12-7/16"
Parts: 61
Assembly, paint, glue required and not included

As America entered the “atomic age”, the Air Defense Command was established to protect America from attack. Advanced missile systems became the main line of defense. The Bomarc IM-99 ground-to air guided missile could reach speeds of up to Mach 3.0, with a range of up to 300 miles. It launched from a vertical position using the thrust of its booster engine. Once it reached supersonic speed, the powerful ramjet took over. The first test flight of the IM-99 Bomarc was made in the autumn of 1952. By 1957, contracts were placed with the manufacturer and shipments started to the Air Defense Command. The Bomarc was the only SAM (ground-to-air missile) system employed by the Air Force. However, only 8 sites were actually established because the national threat moved from bombers to ICBM missiles. Finally in 1972, all of the sites were shut down. Only a few Bomarc missiles exist today in museums.

-Blast shield
-Launch platform
-Service crew figures
-Service platform

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