C-130J C5 Hercules Cargo Airplane 1/48 scale skill 4 Italeri plastic model#2746

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Italeri plastic scale model #2746
1/48 C-130J C5 Hercules Cargo plane

While it maintains the familiar lines of the Hercules, a common sight in theworld’s skies for decades now, the C-130J has been extensively re-designed.The most visible change lies in the use of four 4700 HP Rolls-Royce (Allison)AE2100D3 engines, with six-blade composite-material propellers that ensure silent running and low fuel consumption. High performance features include an excellent rate of climb and an extended range of action thanks to the newengines. An equally important development is the avionics: the cockpit, infact, is equipped with new digital instruments and a Head-Up Display that provides the pilot with a constant stream of data without him having to lookaway from the cockpit window. The C-130J is steadily becoming the standard transport aircraft in many NATO countries, Italy included.

Skill 4
Scale - 1:48nd
Model Length: 62.1 cm
Assembly, paint, glue required

Decals for 4 versions
Italy, United Kingdom, USA

This item does not ship outside of North America.

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