Aluminum Mitre Box w/K5 Razor Saw Excel#55666

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Excel Hobby & Blade #55666
Miniatures Modeler Aluminum Mitre Box
and Razor Saw Set

With K5 handle and #30490 saw blade.

This aluminum mitre box is just 6" long making it deal for miniature work. Each unit has two 45* and one 90* angle cutting slots. For use with Excel razor saws.

Excel Hobby & Blade Corp. Established in 1988, Excel Hobby Blade Corporation has become one of the leading manufacturers of precision knives, blades and small tools. Excel Hobby Blades are manufactured in the U.S.A. from precision, high-grade steel. All blades are double sharp and double honed and Quality Controlled to provide Hobbyists and Crafters with the finest available.

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